Prof. Mitiko Miura-Mattausch, Hiroshima University, Japan
Title: Modeling of Short-Channel Effect on Multi-Gate MOSFETs for Circuit Simulation


This paper presents a compact model for the short-channel effect on the multi-gate MOSFET technology. The focus is given on the double-gate MOSFET, which provides a core of the multi-gate MOSFETs. It is shown that the short-channel effect is caused by the potential minimum, which occurs at the source side. The modeling is done by considering the potential distribution along the source/channel junction. It has been verified that the model can reproduce 2D numerical simulation results with two model parameters describing the junction profile. The presented model is validated for several technologies considering channel doping, silicon and oxide thickness. Furthermore, an extension of this model is implemented considering the influence of the drain doping, namely for Low Drain doping MOSFET (LDMOS). Low drain doping effects are precisely included in the resistance effect as well as the short-channel effects, demonstrating a suppression of short-channel effects in LDMOS technology.